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Caroline Brac de la Perriere

Carline Sakina Brac de la Perriere, historian and psychologist, executive director of the "Mediterranean Women's Fund", was born in Algeria in 1958.

She was active in the Algerian women's movement during the 1980s, from its very beginnings. In the framework of the UN Population Fund (FNUAP) in 1993. in Algeria, she organizes meetings to establish links between Algerian female organizations and donors present in Algeria.

In France, she works in the office of the international coordination of networks of solidarity "Women under Muslim law“ (WLUML) as a coordinator for the countries of North Africa and the Maghreb (1995) and as director of the International Coordination Office from 1996 until 1999. Part of her work at this function, she devoted to searching for ways to finance various projects of the Network.

Afterwards, Caroline si active in the field of women's rights in Turkey, France, Algeria and Spain when the organization "New Ways - International Alliance for Social Innovation"was estabilished with the task is to create a network for exchange and dissemination of experiences. With the help of this network, Caroline also volunteered helping women's organizations in Algeria, Turkey and Morocco to find financial support for projects.

Caroline Sakina Brac de la Perriere is one of the founders of the Women's Fund, which was founded and based on common experiences of several women's organizations, including the "20 ans Bakarat“ at the local level in Algeria, the group "95 Collective Maghreb Equality "at the level of the Maghreb and the „Coalition for sexual and bodily rights in Muslim societies"on the Mediterranean level, to find the best possible ways to help fund to support the needs of the women's movement for equality in the Mediterranean region.

A native Algerian, Caroline left Algeria 15 years ago and moved to Montpellier, after the war that opened the "black years" and "years of ashes" (1992-2004) full of fractional fighting between funadmentalists and the state. As an activist in the struggle for equality between women and men in the community, she worked for 4 years in the network "Women Living Under Muslim Laws“, International Solidarity Network, which enabled her to become aware of international funds to promote women's rights. So, she was attracted to the "Fund for Women" and became executive director of the Mediterranean branch, as a structure that works on collecting fundings for projects to improve the position of women in the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

"We organize trainings and meetings at the regional level, information caravans that go from town to town in Morocco, Algeria and France. We help young women understand the egalitarian ideas and how to change their conditions. One must learn to fight together to oppose challenges established by patriarchal order and in efforts to build strong and long-term organization, Caroline was demanding the budget cuttings to help women in stress, Planned Parenthood, etc.

Interview with Caroline Brac de la Perriere, the original audio recording

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