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Drude Dalerup

Drude Dalerup, professor of Political Science and Gender Studies at Stockholm University, born on 3 February 1945, living in Taby, Denmark, active in the European parliament.

Dalerup is the critic and one of the chief spokeswomen for the European Union. During 90ies she was a regular social commentator in Sweden in terms of Danish politics. Along with several collaborators, she submitted a written report about racism and written report on quota in her book "Quotas" (2008). She’ s an expert on women's movement in Nordic countries, participant of campaigns for joint immigration policy directed against islamophobia and xenophobia. Together with her ex-husband she criticized the proposal of the Swedish statement of solidarity with Denmark. Dalerup is known as quota gender equality adocate and expert for comments in the feminist initiatives. Drude Dalerup teaches at the University of Stockholm, Department of Political Science, which explores themes of democracy, political leadership, international relations, social politic , social movements, human rights, European politics, violence against women, etc.

Her research currently focuses on woman in politics, gender quotas and social movements, especially the women’s movement and feminist terrorism. “FEMCIT” is her new project on gender equallity among the multicultural citizenship.
(FEMCIT - Nytt genusprojekt om multikulturellt medborgarskap)

Current research projects relate to international comparisons of electoral quotas in order to achieve political equality of women, investigating whether quotas are the key to gender equality. Quotas are very controversial, yet few countries in the world recently introduced a women's quotas in public elections, in different countries such as Sweden, Nepal, South Africa, France, Uganda, Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project represents the first global comparative analysis in discourse of controversies about quotas and their effectiveness. The project examines how the implementation of various types of quotas in formal and informal systems lead to the empowerment of women in the quantitative and qualitative terms. The effectiveness of quotas will also be explored in the implementation with various minorities.

Quotas represent a change in public policy of equality, from "equal opportunities" to "equal results”. However, quotas are touching fundamental issues of democratic theory (eg. social representation versus conceptual representation), and feminist theory (eg. women's construction as a political category).

The purpose of this multinational comparative analysis is to create a network of international students who conduct a single national study on the introduction of quotas. Furthermore, in-depth analysis on a selected number of countries, including Sweden and the United Kingdom. will be implemented, as well as the study of its influence on international bodies.

Articles on the scientific results will be published in a book (in English) and as two doctorate theses.

From biography

- vice-president of Danish Government's Council for European Politics, 1993-2000;
- board member KVINFO, The Danish Center for Information on Women and Gender), 1998-2003;
- member of the Norwegian State Research Council, Section for Political Science, 1991-1994;
- president of the Cekvina, Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Aarhus, 1991-1992 and 1997;
- president of the International Political Science Association's Research Committee on Sex Roles and Politics), 1982-1985;

She is a member of the Advisory Board of NORA, Nordic Journal of Women's Studies and Arbejderforskning / Working Class History Journal and the editorial board of European Journal of Political Research and Statsvitenskapelig Norsk Tidsskrift.

Published works

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Books editor

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Interview with Drude Dahlerup
Kairo, December, 2010, original audio version


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