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The associations warn of the lack of clear criteria and procedures for city space management

 The Citizens' Initiative for Transparent Urban Management held a press conference in the park in front of the Banovina building, the City of Split administration, on Thursday, 25 May, starting at 11:00 am, on the occasion of the usurpation of the area of ​​the Adria Art Annale by a private entrepreneur in Diocletian 1 in the Palace.

The Civic Initiative for Transparent Urban Management was established two years ago as a response of civil society organizations to existing non-transparent criteria and vague procedures for the leasing of business premises of the City of Split through the collection of written offers and the overall management of the city's space. The initiative has gathered more than 50 associations operating in the city. The first request of the Initiative was the cancellation of the Contest until the procedures and criteria for allocation of space were established.

Initially, it warned of the lack of clear criteria and proposed the joint development of criteria for allocating space to associations based on the Decision on Criteria, Measures and Procedure for Granting Space owned by the Republic of Croatia to use civil society organizations to implement programs and projects from Interest for the general good, made by the State Property Management Commission at the end of June 2015. The initiative also warned of the City's intention to move NGOs from the center itself and the apparent intention of commercializing the premises used by the associations. That was exactly what happened in the case of Adria Art Annale.

Today, organizations are urged to start the process of creating a new tender for allocation of space to non-profit organizations that work for the general good, and that the process of making tenders (especially in terms of defining the criteria and conditions to be met by each applicant) is transparent and enables participation by all interested actors.

Also, given that we have warned of the possible adverse consequences of part of the criteria and conditions of the previous tender, we also seek to establish the responsibility for insisting on the illogical and harmful criteria and conditions of the aforementioned tendering or management of the premises managed by the city.

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