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After local elections - less and less women in politics

On Sunday, May 22, local elections were held for representatives and citizens' representatives in city and municipal councils and county assemblies, as well as for mayors, prefects and their deputies. The specificity of these local elections is that the State Election Commission has for the first time emphasized the obligation of the parties to respect the so-called "Female" or "gender" quotas and impose prescribed penalties on the basis of the Gender Equality Act for lists that do not adhere to the recommended 40% quota.

Although the majority of applicants for representative bodies in the City of Split kept the recommended quotas, however, the usual placement of candidates on the lower part of the list, and not respecting the so-called Zip system, resulted in the expected small percentage of women in the upcoming meeting of the City Council of Split. Considering that only 7 candidates from the 35 councilors in the Split City Council have been elected, which is 20%, we can conclude that a step backward was made, since in previous convocations, Split had at least 35% of councils. This only confirms the trend at the national level and the continuation of the politics of extraditing women from the public and political sphere.

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