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Period Cycle - 28 days of activist-artistic interventions in public spaces

 Civic Initiative activists with the formal support of the association Domine organized at different locations in Split a month of WOMEN’S INSURGENCY AND CREATIVITY, from April 23rd to May 20th of 2017 entitled "Period Cycle- 28 days of activist-artistic interventions in public space."

The aim of the event is, through various activities and interventions, to emphasize the importance of respecting women's rights, particularly the right to protection of sexual and reproductive health and the importance of sexual education as a prerequisite for sexually responsible behavior. The program of the event is enclosed with this announcement.

Month activities began with a symbolic action, "Condoms are flying in the sky", on Sunday, April 23 at 12:00 at the Square G. Bulat, in front of the National Theater of Split.
With these promotions we want to emphasize the importance of prevention, protection and responsible sexual behavior.

It is known that young people in Croatia start sexual relationships relatively early, and that the percentage of use of safety equipment is extremely low. As many as 40% of young people aged 16-24 years (according to the latest data of the Croatian Institute for Public Health, December 2016) used a faulty natural method of contraception, coitus interruptus, which apart from not protecting from conception, does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Just over 50% of them used a mechanical method of protection by using condoms. Furthermore, while in Europe contraception is not used by about 20% of women, in Croatia, the figure is above 40%.

Sex and contraception is the responsibility of women and men. The condom is a reliable source of protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The obligation of the state through the introduction of a sufficient number of hours of sex education in school programs provide prevention and sexually responsible behavior of young people and respect for and protection of sexual and reproductive rights of women.

During the campaign we will announce a month of activism, read our demands and symbolically putting condoms into the air, marking the beginning of "period cycle". We hereby invite all interested parties to join us in the activities over the next 28 days.

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