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Women in the Labor Market on Osvrt

On Wednesday, 08.06.2017. Karmela Šegvić was a guest in the TV show Osvrt on TV Adriatic. The show often deals with various social problems and all forms of discrimination of all social groups in a subordinate position. This time, the topic was gender inequality in the labor market.


After local elections - less and less women in politics


On Sunday, May 22, local elections were held for representatives and citizens' representatives in city and municipal councils and county assemblies, as well as for mayors, prefects and their deputies. The specificity of these local elections is that the State Election Commission has for the first time emphasized the obligation of the parties to respect the so-called "Female" or "gender" quotas and impose prescribed penalties on the basis of the Gender Equality Act for lists that do not adhere to the recommended 40% quota.

The walk for life is walked by a real woman!


Today, on May 20, there was a poster above"Pirje" in Marmontova street with a message "The walk for life is walked by a real woman!” Unnamed activists by a night-time illegal action wanted to warn of the real message that the organizers of the event called "The Walk for Life" really want to send, primarily to women. This seemingly joyful event tells of the hypocrisy that a woman's body does not belong to her and that the only recognized and valuable role a woman has is to bear children.

Platform for Women's Reproductive Rights - We will not go back


 After direct attacks on women's rights, especially in the domain of rights to the protection of sexual and reproductive health, intensified and slowly entered the mainstream, a broad coalition was created to defend acquired women's rights and a Platform for Women's Reproductive Rights was established. It is made up of activists from predominantly female and human rights initiatives and organizations as well as independent experts and prominent activists in the struggle for women's rights.

Fear of knitting


 The action "Period Cycle - 28 Days of Activism - Artistic Public Intervention" organized by civic activists from Split ended on May 19th by recording the announcement for the video performance of "Fear of knitting". The name symbolizes the fear of women of returning to the time when the termination of pregnancy was illegal, and women performed it, among other things, with needles. The announcement of the video was taken symbolically in front of Split's maternity clinic in order to warn that women in the public health institution in Split were almost completely disrupted by the medical intervention of the termination of pregnancy.