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Political and economic empowerment of women

Democracy in which there are no women is no democracy at all (Slavenka Drakulic).

Since its estabilishment in 2003, the organization “Dominoes” has been systematically working on the political empowerment of women, advocating for greater participation of women in politics and monitoring the status of women in politics, especially at the local and regional level. More than 50 female politicians active in the City and County of Split have participated in Dominoes’ various political education programs.

In the long term, our goal is the advancement of women in the County of Split-Dalmatia.
All projects implemented under this program are aimed at:
1. Increasing the ratio of women in local/regional policy-making bodies
2. Increasing the level of knowledge and skills of women in politics
3. Increasing women’s participation and interest in politics
4. Raising awareness about the importance of equal representation of women and men in political decision-making bodies, particularly at the local level

- A cycle of workshops and seminars for female politicians, "How to enter, stay and survive in politics"
- Round table discussions and public lectures
- Conferences
- Public and media campaigns
- Public actions


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