Bosanska 4, 21 000 Split, Croatia
tel. +385 21 537 272
tel. +385 21 344 688
fax. +385 21 531 722
Zagrebačka banka: 2360000-1101679303


Domine is feminist, non-governmental, non-profitable organization, established in 2002 with a purpose of promoting women's rights and encouraging development of civil society.

Organization's basic activities are education, video production, publishing, public campaigns and direct counseling and support.

Domine acts regularly on:

• Economical and political women's empowerment
• Advocacy of gender mainstreaming policies implementation and politics of equal opportunities
• Prevention of violence against women in all forms
• Promoting prevention of sexual and reproductive women's rights
• Direct legal, psychological and medical support to women
• Raising awareness of media responsibility regarding women's rights promotion
• Researching women's past/history of Split and Dalamatia
• Cooperation and networking with feminist and civil society organizations on local, national and international level
• Publishing and development of the first feminist library in Split and Dalmatia
• Media visibility of civil society
• Capacity strengthening of civil society organizations
• Cooperation of civil society organizations and local government units with a common goal of democracy promotion and the quality of life in society
• Stimulating of social entrepreneurship and self-financing


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