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Nawal El Saadawi, Obama's speech in Cairo, July 4, 2009

 Obama is different  as a person from  G W  Bush.  Obama looks more human, but  politic and economic interests have nothing to do with humanity.       

We live in one world ruled by  the capitalist  patriarchal religious system. Power dominates our whole world (not  justice or  freedom  or  peace or ethics or human values). Politics under such a system is a game based  on how  to use beautiful  words  to  cover ugly  actions,  how  to use the power of God to dominate your listeners, how  to select  verses from holy books to hide double standards and contradictions, how to kill people and rob their land and resources and then apologize to them with tears in your eyes.  We call them in our Egyptian - Arabic language: “Crocodile Tears .    

In Cairo (on Thursday June 4, 2009) Barak Obama spoke to 2500 Egyptian men and women invited by the Egyptian and US governments and allowed to enter the big hall at Cairo University surrounded by 13000 Egyptian and American police men.

We are 80 millions in Egypt, s o those 2500 men and women who applauded passionately 30 times during Obama`s 50 minutes speech are not the whole of  Egypt. They are only: The Chosen People.   

They applauded strongly when he said that Muslim women should wear the veil if they choose to wear it. As if  veiling (or   nakedness) is something to be chosen! As if oppression is something to be chosen by the oppressed.     

Like saying girls or boys should be circumcised if they choose to be circumcised (because they do not want to be different  from others), or  like saying the poor people should be poor if they choose to be poor (because of their laziness or ignorance ).

I read during the Gaza Massacre that  the Palestinians choose to be killed (or they kill their children ) so that they appear as victims and gain sympathy of  the world.

I was looking at the TV screen, observing how  Obama talks with his hands,  eyes and lips. His lips and hands look less cruel than  GW `s. His color more attractive, not black  not white not  yellow,  a mixture of human blood and multiple races developed into a more sophisticated human being.

Obama is a creative actor on stage, learned his text by heart  to sound as if  there is no text at all.  He is well trained in being spontaneous.  

Egyptians,  Americans or others, especially  those chosen by  governments,  are  not creative enough to understand this type of creativity: how some political leaders acquire what is called Charisma. The Germans passionately  applauded Hitler,  the Russians loved Stalin,  the Americans elected GW  more than once. Sadat  in  Egypt  won all elections by  not less than 95% of  votes.      

The most dangerous political leaders are the most charismatic,  they  make you sing: Kill Me Softly. You sacrifice your blood for them.

One of  the chosen Egyptian men screamed in the hall while Obama was giving his speech: I LOVE YOU!  Obama replied: Thank  you. 

Obama praised the king of  Saudi Arabia in his speech, portraying him as a hero of  the dialogue between religions!  The theocratic kingdom breeding extremism is democratic?    

A  dictator  ally  of US can be transformed to a democratic hero.  Sadam Hussein and Ben Laden were freedom fighters at one time.     

Obama praised Netanyahu saying he is intelligent. He did not describe any  Arab ruler as intelligent, including Mubarak sitting next to him  

He did not mention the name of Mubarak in his whole speech.  Did he want  to distance himself as a person from himself  as the American President ?

Did he want to expose or hide his double personality? But  he is sophisticated and understands what is called in psychology  “The philosophy of  the present moment“. How to leave yourself  to the moment but not leave the moment to itself . 

Obama`s body language looks natural, he jumps the plane stairs with his hands  near his chest  jumping with his body, like a happy school boy  going to meet his girlfriend.  This is not  the  American President  but Barak Hussein Obama.    

I heard his speech through the TV  and read it 2 more times to grasp or detect some improvement in the US policy. General human beautiful words selected from the 3 holy books. He sounded like the Pope giving his speech in Jordan some months ago, praising the 3 religions.

He    used     very    well    his   middle      name    Hussein      to   speak   to    Muslims      but    he   knows   also    when     to   hide   it        as   a    deformed     organ   .   

Muslims     listening     to     him     applauded      passionately     when    he     read    verses    from   the   Kuran   .    They   did   not    notice    his   mistake   in    understanding    Surat   Al  Israa   .  It    did    not    say    that   the   3    prophets    Moses  ,  Christ    and   Mohammad     prayed    together    Lilat  Al  Israa  .     Egyptian    Copts     applauded     when    he    spoke   about    minority     rights    in  Egypt  .      Israel    applauded      when   he     confirmed    that     US A   and   Israel     are   tied     eternally     by    culture   (   not   mutual    interests  )        and    when    tears    appeared    in   his   voice    when    he   spoke   about    the    Holocaust   ,        6   millions      jews       burned     in    Germany     ,     their     eternal    sufferings    ,    their    right    to    have     a    homeland    . 

He     did   not   say     that    this    homeland      should     have    been       in      Germany   ,    the   country   that   burned    them        or     in    Europe     or    in    the     USA    or      in     some     other       place    where   there   is      no       people     to   be   killed    and    robbed     of    their   homes   and   land    by    military   force     .     He   did   not   ask    Israel    to    stop    its   military    violence    against    the   Palestinian   children      .    He    only      asked    the   Palestinians     to   stop   their     violence    against    Israeli    children   .      He    did   not   mention    the    number    of     Palestinians    killed    and   tortured     by   Israel    in    the   last     60    years    till    today   . 

   He   did   not   ask   Israel    to    respect     previous       UN    resolutions    ,    he   just   asked    Israel         to   stop   building    new        settlements      .     What    about   old   settlements      that    expelled    thousands      of     Palestinians     of   their   homes   ?    What   about     settlements   to   be     build      under    the   so   called      Natural   Growth      ?  

He   asked    Palestinians    to    forget    the   past    and   look    forward    .     Some   days   ago       in   his   country       he   asked    people       to   forget     the   crimes   of     torture    ,    to   forget     the   past    and   look    forward   .  

But    what   is   the   function    of   the   Law   ?        if     it    is    not    used       to      investigate     and   punish       criminals       who      killed    or   tortured    ?      

Obama     shifted     smoothly      from     ethics       to     politics     and   interests      as     if    no    contradiction   .      

He     said    the   USA      has    no   interest    in    Iraq    resources      ?      He   ignored     or    forgot     the    Law  of  Oil    forced    on   Iraqi    government     (  which     submits     the   oil   of   Iraq     to   the   monopoly    of   American   companies    for   30   years   ) 

He    mentioned      the   danger    of    Iran    owning     nuclear     power    ,     he    did   not   mention    the    danger   of    the     nuclear    military     power   of    Israel   . 

The   real   goal    of   Obama   speech   was    to    mobilize     the   Muslim    countries     against     Islamic   extremists    ,    to    open   the   markets    of   Islamic   countries      to    American   goods    under    the   so    called    development     and      partnership   ,     to    guarantee      Saudi    and     Gulf    oil      and   other     American    interests    in    the   so   called   Middle     East  .

Egyptian people suffered because of  the  Obama`s visit to Cairo.    Thousands    of   students        did   not    go    to    their   schools   or   universities    and    delayed    their    exams   .   Those    sc hools   and   universities    were       closed     by   the   government      for   security   reasons      during     the   Obama    visit    .    Mrs   Obama     stayed       in   US A     and   did   not   accompany     her   husband    to  Egypt      to    be   with    their      2   daughters      during     school     exams   . 

  Many    streets   in   Cairo    were    closed      by   the   police    and    many  people   could    not   go   to   work     losing    $  20    million   . 

The Egyptian government  spent  $ 500 millions for the security of Obama. 10 000 

Policemen and hundreds of  police cars.  Egyptian people were ordered to stay at home   and  not  to open their  windows in all areas visited by Obama, including the Pyramid region, Giza ,  Ain Shams, Helwan, Cairo University, some ministries,  Al Kalaa,  Sultan Mosque,  Kasr Al Kobbaa, and all streets leading to these areas and more. 

The normal life in Cairo stopped. Streets were empty, people were prisoners in their homes ,  nobody  was allowed to be near Cairo University while Obama was delivering his speech except  13  American men and women were allowed to make a show of demonstration at the university gate,  shouting some slogans asking Obama to visit Gaza.

Those 13 Americans were allowed by  the police to demonstrate. They are the opposition or the dissidents in  democratic Egypt , while the  real Egyptian dissidents are in prison or outside Egypt. 

But politics is a game to be played by all parties.

Only 30 minutes after Obama`s plane took off  the poor Egyptian workers  were in the streets removing the artificial flowers and trees implanted everywhere to welcome the semi god of  the world.

Nawal    El  Saadawi

5    June   2009   


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