Bosanska 4, 21 000 Split, Croatia
tel. +385 21 537 272
tel. +385 21 344 688
fax. +385 21 531 722
Zagrebačka banka: 2360000-1101679303

Mission And Vision


„Dominoes“ is a feminist, non-governmental, non-profit organization for promoting women's human rights and empowering of women in taking active roles in all social life segments. Through feminist vision, that "Dominoes" cherish, we advocate for a change of patriarchal social relations and for gender equality with a goal of creating more qualitative and more improved civil society and the world and the time in which we live, in general.


Through its feminist vision, “Dominoes” sees society without discrimination whether if it is regarding gender, sex, nationality, religion, or whether if it is racial, political or sexual discrimination. In the climate of gender equality awareness and the climate of creating possibilities for better realization of personal needs and rights, every individual deserves equal possibilities and full freedom in realizing its best values and potentials.

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